Can a watch change the world?

Why is a company, specialized in luxury goods, interested in a project such as 1: Face?

The answer is very easy. Because we believe in social responsibility!

People who can afford a Porsche are undoubtedly some of the economic winners on this planet, so they also carry a greater social responsibility.

That luxury and Social Commitment must not be contradiction, Ferry Porsche thought already: "Porsche should be social avant-garde!" - he said.

As one of the first companies ever, Porsche did not only pay its employees a 13th monthly salary but therefore also introduced the sick and social insurance. To date, the Porsche company feels specially connected to teir employees. This philosophy is also represented by us. 911.legendsneverdie. To live on the Sunside of life also brings responsibility with it and the 1: Face project is a good and easy way to make the world a little better!


Yours, 911.LegendsNeverDie! 


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