Porsche 911. More than just a car!

An Article by the Porscheist

Picture Credit: www.porsche.com

Why Porsche and why the 911? – A car with the engine in the wrong place! – as Jeremy Clarkson, former presenter of the well known BBC car show Top Gear – never gets tired of repeating. But this apparently unfavorable characteristic is it, which makes the Porsche 911 so special. No other car has such a long history of developing and Improvement as the 911. Thus its supposed weakness – which in the nineties almost meant the end of the series – became his biggest strength today. Maybe it’s just the fact that the car is not perfect, that makes it so special.



Anyway, this 'imperfection'  turns the dead object 'car'  into a means of transportation with character, a faithful companion who reminds us by his idiosyncrasies and his rough edges of ourselves.

Add to this, the constant improvements by the engineers at Porsche who always built a car, even in difficult times and conditions, that was despite lower engine power able to teach fear to competitors like Ferrari and Co. Each in its time. That’s what makes the Porsche 911 outstanding from other cars and why we still love it today as people did 50 years ago.


Yours, 911.Legends Never Die!

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