Interview with a Re-Belle

Almost everybody within the porsche community knows "Singer Vehicle Design"- a small car manufacture based in California - and their puristic cars, rebuilt from Porsche 964 models.

But there is another little manufacture with hardly less exciting creations called "Re-Belles". It is based in France and it was our pleasure to do an interview with them about their motivation, their passion for cars and the idea of creating their own puristic interpretation of the Porsche 911.

Hello Mr. Verdon, You are the founder of "Re-Belles", a little car manufacture specified on puristic aircooled 911, based in France.


Can you tell us something about your team, the way you met and your motivation to create your own 911?


We are four of us, all based in Haute-Savoie in France. Ludo is the one who is originally from the area (Haute-Savoie). Both Julie and Ludo met at the famous school "Sbarro". Fab is the secretary of the Porsche Club de Savoie. Pilo is also a member  of the same Porsche Club amd a Porsche fan with his own blog. (blog: Julie was given private lessons to Fab's daughter when she realized she was sharing the same passion for Porsche than Fab... and the rest is history!


For how long have all of you already cherish the passion for cars?


All our lives! For example, Pilo fell in love with the 930 turbo when his father brought back a book from work: Les Monstres sacres. He was only 4 years old!


What makes you and your team so special?


We are all quite different but share the same passion. That is what makes our strength!

We have created an "association" (a non profit organization) in 2013. We all have different roles: Ludo takes care of the design, Julie of the engine, Fab looks after the spare parts and Pilo is taking care of the communication. All of us had some wrench time on the car even if the technical expertise comes more specifically from Julie and Ludo.

Everybody invested a significant amount of time in this project in the workshop and outside.


What made you decide to build your own interpretation of a 911?


We wanted to create a Porsche which was unique but fullly followed the codes and tradition of the brand. We all put a little bit of our inspiration in the car. We all wanted different things. Pilo is fan of turbos... so he loved the ST body with the broad rear wing. Ludo had lots of ideas coming from american outlaws and is a perfectionist. Fab wanted the car to be live and agile on road and on track. Julie wanted to make the engine live as well as beautiful to watch.


What makes the Re-Belle 911 so special?


The car reflects the story of our team. It is unique. It is made with a great level of details and very high expectations. It drives fantastically well with its 300hp and less than 1180kg. The emotion and feeling of driving a car from the 70s with the performance of a 997 is thrilling. We had a chance to show the car at the SAVOIECUP 2015... we had fantastic feedback on the car... lots of people wanted to respectfully touch its leather... there is something fascinating about the interior of this car. It took us some time to choose the colour. Ludo wanted metal or gold in the colour One day, Julie and Ludo came back and said: "We found it!" We immediately were fascinated . It is gold in the sun and dark brown at night.


Can you tell us something about the production of the car? - Which problems did you have to face?


There were lots of challenges of course... building such a car did not happen overnight. It took us about 18 month and 2000 hours of work to have it back on the road. The challenges were numerous: making decisions what to do, body adjustments, finding original parts, solving electric problems, balancing the car, do a re-programming on the chip and so on... 

We had to learn a lot and got plenty of new ideas for the future already!


What makes the Porsche 911 so unique for you personally?


Its history and its continous improvements... Its the design that never passes... Its fantastic and exhilarating sound... There are so many things that make it special for me, I can't sum all of them.


What plans do you and your team have for the future?


We would like to finish the first Re-Belles and reach a higher level of quality... We don't want to make any compromises on the first result. Then, we would like to sell it and start a new project. If anyone is interested in having their own 911 rebuilt by our team, please feel free to contact us!


Thank You for this interesting interview Mr. Verdon and for a close look into such a passionated team!


Yours, 911.LegendsNeverDie!



Some Pictures of the Re-Belle 911:

YouTube Video of the Re-Belle 911:

If you want to contact the Re-Belles team, you can find them on

or on Facebook via

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  • #1

    Roman (Mittwoch, 06 Januar 2016 09:28)

    This is just amazing to see what can be done between 4 passionate people !!! Love the Re-Belle and want to thank this great team and wish them to pursue in such a way with their passion :-)

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    Marco (Donnerstag, 07 Januar 2016 03:53)

    Awesome work guys!