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An article by the Porscheist

"Sometimes less is more!" - This, quite simple statement bears much truth. But does this also apply to a vehicle that costs nearly 200.000€ and gives you less than some cheaper alternative?


Porsche has celebrated waiver through decades now and just tweaked it a lace with its RS models. What you - as a customer - got from this expensive waiver, has always been obvious. The ultimate track tool. A car that was focused more on racing than on daily driving. But this time, it is a bit different.

The new model Porsche announced, has just one letter in its description - Its called the R.

R like reduction, R like relentless, R like raw...


It will cost you 189.544€ that is exactly 7.854€ more than you have to pay for the actual 991 GT3 RS. It does come with the same naturally aspirated 4.0 litre engine that produces 500hp, but it neither has the super fast PDK transmission, nor a huge wing to improve the downforce. Instead it comes with an old fashioned 6-speed manual transmission and the standard wing of a normal Carrera. So why should you pay so much more for so much less? - The answer is quite simple.


To me the 911 R is an epiphany. It combines everything I want from a 911. More so. It waives all I don't need in a 911. For me the 991 R is the epitome of the Porsche DNA. The ultimate drivers car.


To me a Porsche 911 should not be a car I use to get to the grocery. It should not be a car I use for my daily way to the office. I think, a 911 should move my heart. I want it to make my fingers tingle everytime I touch the steering wheel. I want to feel the nervousness when I press the clutch and engage first gear. I want it to be my personal adventure. A car I only use to enjoy driving and which of the actual model scale could do that better than the R? - There is only one hard thing remaining. Also if you had the small change to buy one, you won't get it. As Porsche claims, they are only going to build 991 units of it and all of them are already sold.

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