The 911 Turbo S that beats the 918 Spyder

This car  has  not  only  put  the  Techart Turbo S into pace,  but also beaten the mighty Porsche 918  Spyder  hypercar piloted by the Rallye-Legend Walter Röhrl!

1:30,15 - is the time the Porsche 991 Turbo S, that hears on the name "Blackburn" and was tuned by the Edo Competition Motorsport GmbH, needs to do one lap at the famous 'Sachsenring' in Germany. Thus it can crown itself with the title 'fastest Porsche on the Ring' now.  - We brought some of the best Blackburn pictures together here for You!


Thank You to Mr. Edo Karabegovic, CEO of Edo-Competition

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