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Articles EN · 04. Januar 2018
When it became clear that Porsche was going to introduce the 7th generation of the famous Porsche 911 at the IAA in Frankfurt in September 2012, the excitement was great. Once again it should be the last of its kind and the cast-iron fans of the brand shouted and summoned the end of the rear engined classic. As we know today, everything turned out different and the 991 became a brilliant and worthy successor. Nevertheless it is still worth to take a look behind at the beautiful 997 GTS today!
Articles EN · 15. September 2017
A few days ago Porsche presented a car that excites the minds of ethusiasts. Once again. More specificially, the new model presented on the IAA in Frankfurt is not such an approach, but rather an extension of an already existing model. We are talk about the new 911 GT3 with the option 'Touring Packgage', of course!

Articles EN · 05. Juni 2017
The 901 exclusive REC watch is made from salvaged Porsche parts and the design is inspired by Porsche's classic aircooled era. This watch is an absolute must-have for every Porscheist!