Customized Porsche 911 G-Model for sale!

A unique Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2

This Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 was built in 1987 and customized very complex and with love for detail. It is also a special 911 because only 2856 vehicles of that kind were built by Porsche. This one has the serial number 114 and is also equipped with the more advanced G50 gearbox. All matching numbers (engine, gearbox ans chassis) are also visible. The engine was restaured and overhauled by an authorized Porsche specialist, a few years ago.

As part of the engine overhaul special 'Nikasil' pistons and forged cylinder liners have been installed from a famous engine parts specialist called 'Mahle'. The cylinder heads have been blasted with glass beads, the valve guides were replaced. Intakes as well as the exhaust channels were polished, the connecting rod has been polished and blanced. The intake manifold has been honed and bored to 66.5 mm. New studs (Dilavar), oil lines and the entire exhaust system. All cylinder exhaust pipes are the exac same length. The silecer id from an original Porsche GT3 997. The fender flares are made from carbonfiber and kevlar. The IROC bumpers are made of fiberglass and all supporting joints and axle boots have fully been renewed.

Special 'Bilstein' shock absorbers have also been installed. The interior was left original completely. The Porsche has a variety of supplementary equipment, such as: Electrically adjustable seats, power windows, electric sunroof, central locking. In addition, a 'MOMO' steering wheel 'Prototipo' was installed. The starter battery has been replaced by a 'AGM' battery. New headlights and taillights were installed. On the vehicle are Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires mounted. Engine was fully redone before 4000km. The restoration works were done very carefully and with a lot of expertise and patience, it's a Porsche collector's item with the flair of the eighties. Only lovers will appreciate this special unique piece!

Recommended retail price: 75.000€

The vehicle is currently in private property and can be visited in Sweden. The seller wishes to remain anonymous. If you are seriously interested in buying the car, use our contact form or write an eMail to keyword "Interest 911 G". We will forward the contact details of the seller to you, as soon as possible!

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First look at the 901 REC Watch

An Article by Yannick

We had the opportunity for an exclusive look at one of the new watches out of RECs 901 collection. The 901-3 - a beautiful time piece made of real salvaged parts of an old Porsche 911. As you can tell by the Name “901” (the original model name of the classic Porsche 911) not only the base of the watch-face is made from a real car, the design is totally inspired by the iconic shapes and details of the classic Porsche 911.

The back for example is designed to look like the original Otto Fuchs rims of classic 911s. And even the rotor is styled like a break disk. A very cool eye catcher -  even it is only on the back.

The watch features five functions: time, day, date, month and an indicator about the remaining power reserve. The dials are also inspired by the 911 dashboard and are hidden behind a coated Sapphire Crystal glass.


The watch is powered by a Miyota Caliber 9100 with a 10-30 seconds accuracy per day. The power reserve can hold up to 40+ hours and the watch is water resistant to 3ATMs.

The 901-3 is fitted with many cool little details that makes it feel as premium as it does.
For example the crone of the 901 is inspired by the horn cap of the classic 911 steering wheel.
Even the VIN-Number cut out is based on the original number plate cutout. The strap of the 901-3 is made of genuine black leather with orange stitching and a ribbed padding.

The 901-3 is more on the bigger and heavier side with a case diameter of 44mm, a thickness of 13.2mm and a weight of 110g. But to be honest, I really appreciated that solid high quality feel of the watch. You get the feeling, that the watch can handle a little beating.

Each watch comes with a cool little card with the VIN-Number on it where you can check out the video shows that the original car was a 1976 911. The hood of this car was replaced as part of the restoration, and the original hood became the dials of the watches.

Overall the unboxing experience is also very satisfying. The watch comes in a metal box with a cool inlay.

If I need to say something “negative” about this watch, it would be the price. Around 1700 $ isn´t cheap but in my opinion if you really appreciate high quality watches, you love small little details and are a big Porscheist, the 901 collection of watches is perfect for you. You can check out the latest pricing and availability and the other watches of the collection here 901- Collection.

For more information check | All rights reserved. ©

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Why I'd choose a manual transmission over PDK for my new GT3!

An Article by Porscheist

The new GT3 is actually a maintenance of the 991 GT3!

A few weeks ago Porsche presented their new developed Version of the 911 GT3 and just burned a new track record in the asphalt of the Nürburgring Nordschleife!

Only 7 minutes and 12.7 seconds are needed to do a full round with this new tracktoy on the almost 25 kilometers long route. Theoretically!

After all, even a very ambitious hobby racer won't be able to do what a professional racingdriver did. In any case, the 'new' GT3 is 12.3 seconds quicker than its predecessor. In the racing world literally about as long as a millipedes needs to get his shoes bind - a half eternity.

One point that makes the new GT3 - which is strictly spoken only a rework of the 991 GT3 - so fast, is its engine. While the 991.1 GT3 had 3.8 liters of displacement, which were enough to send full 475 horses to the PDK transmission, the new 991.2 GT3 has a displacement of 4.0 liters now. So, it reaches a full performance output of 500 horses. Added to this are a reworked chassis as well as some optical retouches on the front and rear apron.

But the real sensation does come from the transmission! For the first time ever Porsche offers two different gearbox variants with its most sporty 911 derivative to its customers. So, the six-speed manual gearbox already believed dead within the more sporty and powerful variants of the Porsche 911, is celebrating an unexpected return!

A manual transmission has only been available for the Carrera, Boxster or Cayman Versions, so far. Other sports car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini have banned a classic manual gearbox completely already and it seemed as if the classic 'shift stick' would also give way to a vicious 'selector lever' soon at Porsche, too.

But how do we say in Germany? - The condemned live longer and so the manual transmission celebrates a brilliant return with the new GT3 and leaves the whole Porscheworld confused. So, what gearbox to choose now?!

Well. The choice is very simle, isn't it?

The PDK shifts so fast the driver can't even think the word 'Neunelf'. It also has a seventh gear, which takes unpleasent pessengers from one racetrack to another relaxed. The driver also never has to put his hands off the steering, which is quite important on racetracks, while hunting for tenth of a second. Finally the GT3 is a road legal racecar, isn't it?!

Nevertheless, if I could order a new GT3 tomorrow - just as I have compiled it a hundret times already on Porsche's online configurator - mine would come with a manual.

The elephant in the room: Manual- or PDK transmission?

What?! - But you just told us that the PDK is so much faster and better, the one or other of you might object now. Nevertheless, my decission was firm and I tell you why:

When I got the 991 Carrera S about 4 years ago, I was totally thrilled. Not only from the car but also from the PDK gearbox. There is no better transmission in the world than Porsches PDK. It switches the gears softly while driving through the city, barely noticable on the highway and lightning fast on the race track. If you use it in Sport-Plus mode it always has the right gear selected and there is no hobby racer in the world who could do it better I guess...

But something crucial is missing. The personal pleasure of driving a car!

This realization however came to me about one year later, when I got infected by the 'aircooled' virus and a Porsche 964 had to be added to the garage. Driving an aircooled Porsche is work. At times it can also be really striking, especially if you are driving up mountain passes and another green RS is hanging at your back! Sometimes you don't find the right gear and in the evenings you leave your car completely done. But:

- BY GOD THIS IS TRUE FUN!!! This is true sports car driving and nothing else.

When you finally have enough confidence in your skills and your car, driver and car almost merge into one unit. You have the feeling of absolute control. Nothing sparks you in between. You can feel the transmission working and the power running through the transmission directly to the rear wheels. There is no way of getting anywhere near that feeling without a manual transmission. No matter how good a double-clutched gearbox can be. THIS is true driving pleasure to me and nothing else.

If I had 152. 416 € (That's the exact price for a new 911 GT3 without extras) on my bank account for waste, I would definitely buy myself a new GT3 now with a manual gearbox. Maybe because it is the last one of its kind, too. I would buy it just for me. For my own pleasure and for no one else. I would drive through the Dolomites, over the Berninapass, the Sellajoch and the Großglockner. I would drive up to Finland with it and back again. I don't care if the GT3 does the 0 - 100 km/h time 0,5 seconds quicker with PDK and I don't care if it is 12 seconds faster on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. I don't even care if other drivers can overtake me on the track and of course I don't care if there is an even faster RS Version presented a few month later! - This doesn't matter to me. I would buy a GT3 for the joy of driving and nothing makes more fun than shifting manually!

Photos: Stefan Bogner - CURVES Magazin | All rights reserved. ©

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Road to Nice in the new 718 Boxster!

An Article by Porscheist

Curves France: "From Martigny to Nice" - The perfect Roadtrip!

Inspired by a weekend trip through the Alps with 'Stefan Bogner', founder of the well known CURVES-Magazin in July, I came up with the Idea of doing another roadtrip through the Alps this year, following the route of 'CURVES 1 - France: Route des Grandes Alpes!'


Day 1: "Pick up in Stuttgart!"

It is 06:00 AM on a beautiful Thursaday morning. I get awake from the unpleasant ring of my cell phone clock. Time to get up now! - My train is leaivng at 08:00 o'clock.  Aim? - Stuttgart.

More speciffically Zuffenhausen. The home of all Porsche.

After a cold shower I leave the house with a big coffee in my Left and my backpack in the Right.

13:30 AM - After an unpleasent drive with the "Deutsche Bahn" I finally arrive at my first destination, Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof. Just a few Stations with the Tram and I'm finally there. My nervouseness increases, my hands are sweaty when I leave the wagon and cross the street. "I am there! - The home of Porsche!" - I think by myself.

The first thing I get to see is the Porsche Museum. It is a massive sculpture entirely built from glass and concret. Like a big rock it rises up to the sky and sparkles in the midday sun like a diamond. It is really impressing.

Also very impressing are the two cars, standing infront of it. An 'ultraviolet'  Porsche 911 GT3 RS - the dreamcar of my childhood - is standing directly next to a red, brand new Carrera GTS cariolet. "Could it get any better? - This must be the perfect start into a pefect roadtrip!" - I think and I should not be disappointed.

At the factory gate I get received by a grumpy but friendly security officer. A man of the so called 'Porsche Werksschutz'. He tells me I should wait inside his office while he will check my invitation and will register me for the entry into the factory. After a few minutes a very kind and cheerful young guy arrives - "Welcome at Porsche! I hope you had a good trip and didn't have to wait that long?" he sais and leads me to the building where the press cars are housed.

(The truth is, I was so amazed by all these special cars such as a 997 Sport Classic, several GT3 RS and Turbos that were entering and leaving the factorys door minutely, that I had absolutely no time to get bored!) After we get all legal formality done he leads me to the car that would accompany me through the next week.

A brand new Porsche 718 Boxster!

Porsche 718 Boxster

First I have to put my packgage in the trunk. Because of its mid-engine design the Boxster has two of them, one in the front with a total capacity of 150l and one in the back which holds 125l. More than enough for a long journey of two adult persons I think and in fact on the whole trip we never suffered from any space problems.

Finding the perfect driving position takes me a while, because of the Porsche Sportseats Plus, which are mounted in our vehicle and are adjustable in 18 ways. Yes. 18! - A lot if one is as picky as me with the perfect drivingposition. Anyways, finally I feel perfectly happy and after I set 'Rosenheim' as my first destination I start my drive.

It doesn't take long until I fall in love with the car. I really did. I must admit I was quite sceptical towards Porsche's decision to change from an atmospheric flatsix to a downsized and turbocharged flat-four engine in the Boxster and Cayman models, but the huge amount of torque you get already at low ranges is simply astonishing!

After I have left the city and enter the german 'Autobahn' the oil temerature reaches 90 degrees and I can fully put the throttle down for the first time.

What followes leves me speachless... The entry level Boxster has 300 PS now. Not bad but it feels like a lot more. Full of anticipation of the curvy roads lying ahead us during the next days, I drive home to pick up my girlfriend Nina who shall acompany me on the trip.

Day 2: "Bavaria to Chamonix!"

On our first day we have to go from our homebase in Rosenheim to the Start of the CURVES trip in the french town Martigny. Not a very spectacular episode on our journey. Only miles and miles of autobahn, trafficjam and speedlimits. It takes us about 8 hours, time enough to get used to the brand new communication and navigation system that features Apple Carplay now. A very amousing gadget especially for tech-nerds I think...

I have to admit that the new Navigationsystem has improved alot and helpes us well to find our route around several construction sites otherwise we would have left 9 hours or even more to get to Martigny.

To reach our first destination, a little hotel high up in the french Alps where we stay for the first night we have to drive up an incredible narrow road. I have never driven anything like that before, but I didn't know that this was only a foretast of what should follow during the next days.

Like an eagle's nest, our accommodation hangs between the peaks of the surrounding mountains. The view into the valley gives us a foretaste of the breathtaking roads and landscapes that lie ahead of us during the next days.

Day 3: "From Martigny to Nice!"

On the third day of our trip we finally arrive on terrain the Boxster was created for. Narrow curvy roads, as far as our eyes reach! The french alps seem to be nothing else than endless passes which are juxstaposed.  Thousands and more narrow sweeps go over into short straights and long drawns. It goes hundrets of meteres uphill, only to drive steep downhill again. No where else the Boxster feels more appropriate than here. The turbocharged engine pushes so vehemently out of every turn as if it wants to overcome the next straight in one single jump! With every kilometer driven the driver feels safer and the pace is constantly increasing. Very much to the suffering of the pessenger. After an hour or so it is time to stop atfirst. Also we haven't come far more than 100 km yet, the sullen feeling in the stomach gives us a clear signal that it is time for our first pitstop and a short breath on this day.


Drivers change! Time to devote themselves to the camera now. But only briefely... My girlfriend Nina also seems to feel more comfortable from sweep to sweep. Thanks to the seats mounted in our car, that really offer an excellent lateral support otherwise I would probaly would have flown through the cockpit several times. After another 2,5 hours of driving we finally reach the summit of Col de I'Iseran.

What a phantastic view! Delicate green meadows go over into rugged rocks which protrude into the sky like pinnacles. Like a huge snake the pass winds between the peeks of the mountains here. A true paradise also for countless motorcycles and road biker. We continue to screw up south with our Boxster we have kept into our hearts now finally!

Following on Col de I'Iseran we drive over numerous other passes such as Col du Galibier, Col de la Madelein and the Col d'Izoard. In the meantime it has become afternoon and we have been traveling almost seven hours now already. In any case we seem to be getting tired in contrast to our vehicle! Surprisingly, we had not had to refuel it sice our first stop in the morning. All in all the Boxster needed almost 9 liters of Super Plus only 2,1 liters more than the factory specification promises. A pretty good value as I think considering that we were driving through chellenging terrain. In any case, when shifting with the PDK transmission we seldom got beyond 4th gear.

This also works excellent! It is equipped with seven aisles, with the seventh being designed as a pure overdrive gear especially long. Our vehicle is also equipped with the so-called Sport Chrono package as well as the sports leather steering wheel with shift paddles mounted. Two features, I think you shouldn't get rid of. Nothing is more fun than driving in manual mode and shifting with the paddles. A quick snap is enough and within a few milliseconds only, the Boxster clicks to the next gear. Faster than a blink of an eye! - Awesome. Towards the evening we finally reach Nice and after a somewhat painful ride through the countless narrow one-way streets of the city we finally park in front of our Hotel. 

Day 4: "A day  on the beach!"

After driving almost 2.000 kilometers during the first three days of our trip, we only planed a short stage for this day. After an extensive breakfast we drive along the coast from Nice to the neighboring Liguria. We want to spent one day at the beach there, before we have to go home on the following. Along the winding coast we follow the road to the little italian town Alassio 115 kilometers away. Gradually more and more exotic cars appear. A sure sign that Monaco is not far. This dwarf state on the Cote d'Azur with its almost 19.000 inhabitants has always been the home of the rich and famous people. At about 10 o'clock we reach our destination Alassio and immediately go to the beach where we enjoy the sun on our skins for the rest of the day.


Day 6: "Driving back to Stuttgart!"

On the sixth and last day of our trip we have to return to Stuttgart. There we meet Sabrina C. an employee of the Dr. h.c. F. Porsche AG and the Porsche Newsroom. She has some special plans with us! A photoshooting with a second Boxster at the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen and around the area of the city. At first however we stuck in raffic again as so often before on our journey - "Ufffzz!" 

From one hour become two and even more. When we finally arrive it is late in the afternoon already. We decide to change our plans and go to Schloss Solitude atfirst. At the avenue of the castle we can take a few amazing shots of the Boxsters.

Afterwards we have to return to Zuffenhausen. There, Sabrina leads us to the top floor of a car park. There we have an unbelivable view over the whole area of the Porsche AG. Because of the factory holidays all production tapes are standing still and nobody except us is there. Afterwards it is time to finally say goodbye to our beloved Boxster with the numberplate 2688. We hade a great time with you!

By the way: You can find all pictures of our shooting with the two cars in Stuttgart under Photos: Porsche Boxster Shooting - Old & New!

Some pictures to remember...

A short clip of our journey on You Tube:


There are probably only a few more beautiful or possibly equal routes like the "Route des Grandes Alpes". Stefan Bogner - founder of the Curves-Magazin, compiles them with the motto: "soulful driving!" and creates in his printmagazines real artworks with usability. Within numerous fantastic photos these magazines are ideal travelguides as well as a pleasent lecture on a winterday.

Any fan of driving whether on two or more wheels should be urgently recommended to take the one or the other route in his lifetime. What remains are not only fantastic photos but also unique impressions of beautiful landscapes. 

For the route from Martigny to Nice you should at least plan 3 full days of driving, to rally enjoy it. We necessarily had to drive it in only one single day and therefore could not drive all of the brilliant passes. But hopefully it should not be the last time we visited the french Alps!


- Philipp M. Hohenthanner -

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The new Porsche Speed 9 by Tuner 9ff!


- Porsche 997 Carrera C2 base car

- 9ff front window frame (987 Boxster)

- New 9ff front window frame (987 Boxster)


- New front screen made from double safety glass


- New 9ff rear section in “Speed9” style


-  Body structure reinforcement like 997 convertible


-  9ff body-kit “GTurbo” style consists of:


-  Front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper


-  Full leather / alcantara interieur


-  Full electrical comfort seats


-  9ff roll bar 


-  Air condition


-  Optional GPS navigation and sound system





-        997tt Tiptronic gearbox


-        2WD 


-        Original 997tt Tiptronic ratios


-        Reinforced drive shafts


-        9ff paddle shifting


-        Optional 9ff “Quick-shift” TCU reprogramming



-        FA 380x34mm with 4-pot calliper


-        RA 380x28mm with 4-pot calliper


-        9ff comfort brake pads


-        997tt Hydraulic system


-        Optional Ceramic brakes or 380mm steel brakes with 6-pot callipers



-        9ff aluminium rims Type „GTurbo-ZV“


-        FA 8,5 x 19“ with 235 / 35 ZR 19“ Continental SC5


-        RA 11 x 19“ with 305 / 30 ZR 19“ Continental SC5


-        Centre lock system




-        Base 3,6 Litre 997tt motor


-        Crank shaft fine balanced


-        9ff cylinder head machining


-        9ff camshafts for „VarioCamPlus“ system with variable intake timing


-        9ff fuel system and pressure regulator


-        9ff s/s headers


-        9ff big VTG turbochargers BV-50-670


-        Electronically 2-stage boost control with switch


-        9ff exhaust system with polished s/s muffler 


-        9ff air filter box with sport air filter


-        9ff MAP sensor




-        650 HP / 478 KW at 6.600 rpm 


-        Over 800 Nm from 2.850 to 6.200 rpm


-        Max. 880 Nm at 3.300 rpm


-        7.000 rpm rev limiter


-        1,4 bar boost

-        100mm x 76,4mm (bore x stroke)




-        9ff / Bilstein coil over suspension kit


-        Aluminium shock absorbers


-        60mm race springs


-        Steel / Rubber top mounts


-        PASM system (active damping control) for perfect comfort ride


-        Hydraulic power steering



Price: 149.000 € (Democar, without taxes)

Price: 269.000 € (New car, without taxes)


0-100 km/h :         3,4s                                  

0-200 km/h :          9,6s


100-200 km/h :         6,2s                                  

0-300 km/h :          26,3s

200-300 km/h :         16,7s 


Vmax:     335 km/h

More information at

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Classic LED lights by KAEGE

Bi-LED headlights for classic Porsche and VW:

  1. Innovative design and advanced technology by OSRAM
  2. White street illumination, similar to Xenone headlights
  3. One of the brightest available 7" LED headlamp in the world
  4. Lifetime of LED > 30.000 hours
  5. Low power consumption
  6. Resistant to vibration
  7. Integrated control unit
  8. H4 connectors for easy "plug and play" connection
  9. UV-resistant and hard-coated polycarbonate front screen
  10. Aluminium housing
  11. Available in (black-) Chrome, matt and (matt-) black
  12. Available with and without position light system
  13. Voltage range 12 - 24 Volt
  14. 3 years warranty included
  15. And many more..

For more information or orders please go to

About the Company:

It was back in 1992, when Roger Kaege – a certified vehicle construction and bodywork expert – decided to enlarge his service facilities into a representative manufacture.

Next to his manifold competences for other car brands, it has been his passion for Porsche which soon gave him the reputation of being a true expert in everything related to high-end sports car tuning and services.

His steady professional presence at the Hockenheimring made him soon a “well-known man” with an outstanding expertise.

Slowly but steadily, Roger Kaege’s team was growing, the facilities enlarged and the capacities ensured to start working on a vision: To honour the rock solid 993 with the timeless look of a F-model.

You are invited to learn more about Roger Kaege’s portfolio, expertise and references on his company’s website

You want to read more about the KAEGE-Retro? - Than read our latest Article Porsche tuned by KAEGE in Germany.

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NEWS from german Tuner 9ff

The german Tuner 9ff is well known for its Porsche tunings often providing more than 1.000hp. Now he got a visit from the Battle Royal Crew and we have the first pictures for You. So have a look what happened!

Picture Credit: Peter Meißner


Check out

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DRIVE - Soulful driving!


Automotive Documentary/Lifestyle Short/Travel Short. Enlarge with (+).

Nine Porsches, twenty passes and infinite smiles later this is the result of friendship, passion and a lot of burnt fuel.

Starring icons from the 60s and 70s as well as the freshest GT4 off the line, this trip is Porsche in essence.

Produced fully in 4K. The gallery features stills extracted from the motion pictures.


Picture Credit: Stefan Bogner / Curves-Magazin

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Porsche tuned by Kaege in Germany!

An Article by TheDrive

The body of a 1972 Porsche 911, the soul of an air-cooled 993, the stance of Kingpin. Take. Our. Money.

Picture Credit: Jordi Miranda

First there was Emory Motorsports, inventors of the Porsche appellation “Outlaw,” rearranging 964-series Porsche 911 internals to fit under the chelonian figure of the Porsche 356. Singer Design lit its flame at a similar torch, packaging that early nineties powertrain under seventies-era 911s. German importer, tuner, and race shop Kaege keeps a complementary light aglow on The Continent with what appears to be a 1972 911, but is so much more.

The tale begins with heresy, Roger Kaege’s eponymous firm declaring it kept a 993-series Porsche in its warehouse since 2010 because the Porsche “doesn’t have much significance.” Someone decided the way to make it relevant was to “give this technical substance the classic look it deserves.” The crew started with an F-Series 911, produced for less than one year between 1972 and 1973, but fabricated panels like the front bumper, hood, and rear end of the car in carbon fiber. With additional help from a lithium-ion battery substantial weight is removed from the equation, but the modern underpinnings erase the loss: a stock 1972 911 weighed 2,375 pounds, this one is clocks in at 2,635.

Forty-four years ago a 1972 911 T coupe cost $7,383. Kaege doesn’t say how much a soul would need to purchase this beauty, but the price is probably a synonym for the German word for “astronomical.”

By Jonathon Ramsey

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Porsche Police-Story

An Article by Porscheist

"A short view through an exciting episode of Porsche's history!"

1. Porsche 356 Cabrio - Polizei Germany

The story begins on 23 November of the year 1960. On this day, Porsche delivered the white convertible with special equipment to the police in Dusseldorf. Last year the car was sold via Bonhams in London.

Picture Credit:

Power: 75 hp

0-100 km/h: ca. 10 sec.

Topspeed: 175 km/h

Price: 15.700 DM

2. Porsche 911 Type G - Polizei Germany

The Highway Police NRW received seven 1966 Porsche 912 Targa and eight other 911 followed in 1968. Three other Targa's were ordered as escort vehicles of the Federal President and the Federal Chanclor.

Picture Credit:

Power: 160 hp

0-100 km/h: 8,0 sec.

Topspeed: 225 km/h

Price: 35.000 DM

3. Porsche 944 S - Polizei Germany

This Porsche 944 S was a panda car of the Stuttgart Autobahn Polizei. Before the 944 S the Police already had a 924 Porsche model.

Picture Credit:

Power: 190 hp

0-100 km/h: 7,9 sec.

Topspeed: 228 km/h

Price: 54.000 DM

4. Porsche 993 Carrera - Polizei Germany

In 1996 July 15. the 1.000.000 produced Porsche, a 993 model was given to the Police of Stuttgart. After a crash it was given back to Porsche, where it got restored and is now part of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

Picture Credit:

Power: 272 hp

0-100 km/h: 6,6 sec.

Topspeed: 265 km/h

Price: 85.000 DM

5. Porsche 997 Carrera  - Polizei Austria

Because a policecar has to be fast and maneuverable at first, the austrian police in Vienna tested a Porsche 911 Carrera for half a year.

Picture Credit:

Power: 325 hp

0-100 km/h: 5,1 sec.

Topspeed: 285 km/h

Price: 85.000 €

6. Porsche 997 by Techart - Showcar

On the Essen Motor Show 2005 the well known Porsche Tuning company 'Techart' supported  the Federal Ministry of Transport and their organisation called: Tune it! Safe! for this Techart brought this special policecar.

Picture Credit:

Power: 370 hp

0-100 km/h: 4,6 sec.

Topspeed: 297 km/h

Price: 125.000 €

7. Porsche 918 Spyder - Dubai Police

In the rich Arab city of Dubai hot supercar dominate the streets but not only the elite drives the outrageously expensive cars, even the Dubai Police is heavily involved.

Picture Credit:

Power: 887 hp
0-100 km/h: 2.5 sec.
Topspeed: 345 km/h
Price: 768.026 €

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