First look at the 901 REC Watch

"We had the opportunity for an exclusive look at one of the new watches out of RECs 901 collection. The 901-3 - a beautiful time piece made of real salvaged parts of an old Porsche 911. As you can tell by the Name “901” (the original model name of the classic Porsche 911) not only the base of the watch-face is made from a real car, the design is totally inspired by the iconic shapes and details of the classic Porsche 911."

The back for example is designed to look like the original Otto Fuchs rims of classic 911s. And even the rotor is styled like a break disk. A very cool eye catcher -  even it is only on the back.

The watch features five functions: time, day, date, month and an indicator about the remaining power reserve. The dials are also inspired by the 911 dashboard and are hidden behind a coated Sapphire Crystal glass.

The watch is powered by a Miyota Caliber 9100 with a 10-30 seconds accuracy per day. The power reserve can hold up to 40+ hours and the watch is water resistant to 3ATMs.

The 901-3 is fitted with many cool little details that makes it feel as premium as it does. For example the crone of the 901 is inspired by the horn cap of the classic 911 steering wheel.
Even the VIN-Number cut out is based on the original number plate cutout. The strap of the 901-3 is made of genuine black leather with orange stitching and a ribbed padding.

The 901-3 is more on the bigger and heavier side with a case diameter of 44mm, a thickness of 13.2mm and a weight of 110g. But to be honest, I really appreciated that solid high quality feel of the watch. You get the feeling, that the watch can handle a little beating.

Each watch comes with a cool little card with the VIN-Number on it where you can check out the video shows that the original car was a 1976 911. The hood of this car was replaced as part of the restoration, and the original hood became the dials of the watches.

Overall the unboxing experience is also very satisfying. The watch comes in a metal box with a cool inlay.

If I need to say something “negative” about this watch, it would be the price. Around 1700 $ isn´t cheap but in my opinion if you really appreciate high quality watches, you love small little details and are a big Porscheist, the 901 collection of watches is perfect for you. You can check out the latest pricing and availability and the other watches of the collection here 901- Collection.

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    Ismael (Montag, 05 Juni 2017 15:54)

    Wow! What a beautiful design �
    Is it really made from classic 911's?!